Watch Hill Memorial Library and Improvement Society
Annual Meeting Minutes
September 3, 2016

Call to order: President Joan Patton called the meeting to order at 10am. Joan expressed her sympathy for the community on the loss of Marian Whittemore.

Secretary’s report: Kathy Whittemore

Beaumont Lett, on behalf of Kathy Whittemore, requested that reading the Minutes from the August 11, 2016 meeting be waived. A motion was made to approve the Minutes. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

First Vice-President’s Report: Ardi Schneider

Ardi asked the new members to stand so we could welcome them.

Treasurer’s Report: Judy O’Connell

Judy submitted her written report with the following balances noted:

General Account: $228,208

Income: (~$53,000)


Income from the Boutique ~$28,000

Art Show:

Income from the Art Show ~$3,590


$11,520 dues has been collected

$7,500 past dues outstanding


$7,050 of unrestricted donations have been made

$4,000 donations received for Memoir Project

$200 donations received for Amy’s Torch


Total operating income of ~$20,950 have been incurred (including $2,500 for memoir project).

Net Income:

Net operating income for the fiscal year to date is approximately $32,500

Carousel Fund: $86,340

Park Fund: $92,875

Judy thanked everyone for paying their dues. She asked to please submit any reimbursements needed for the events.

Joan thanked the Membership for all their involvement and support to the different events.

President’s Report: Joan Patton

Joan reported that committee chairs for the Bike Parade, Art Show, and the Boutique should have people shadowing them to then take over the following year. She asked for any suggestions for a volunteer to help with the website to be submitted. She said it was a simple website and the job would be about three months of work. Joan reminded everyone that there is still merchandise for sale from the Chief Ninigret Celebration.

House Committee- Kathleen Kocatas

Kathleen reported that the new signage will be installed at the building for next Spring.

Children’s Program Committee- Lisa Mannix/Eliza Brown

Lisa reported she will continue next year with people shadowing her to learn the ropes. She thanked everyone especially Ardi Schneider, Carolyn Johnson, Janet Whitman, Sheila Rockwell, and Cathy Moore. Lisa added the Children’s Programs were overall terrific and all well attended. The Tea Party and story time were big successes. She added that Vicky Saglio wanted to thank everyone who helped with story time.

Beautification Committee- Joan Lemp

Joan Lemp was not present, but Joan Patton reported for her. She thanked everyone for their help and if anyone else would like to join the group for next summer please let her know. Next year they will be focusing on the traffic islands.

Merry–Go-Round Committee- Christie Daukas

Christie reported the number of rides was slightly down from her last report. The inside horses by 9% and the outside horses by 7%. She said the motor is running great and the new signs were up.

Library Committee- Linda Brenner

Joan reported for Linda that the Library had a very busy summer. There were two very helpful librarians on hand. She noted that 385 DVDs had been lent out in July and only 154 in August.

Lighthouse Keepers Liaison- Chantal Curtis

Chantal reported that they had over 30 volunteers for the Lighthouse. There were 550 visitors to the museum, and it would be open one more week this summer.

East Beach Association Liaison- Lori Musser

No report.

Conservancy Liaison- Ann Stevenson

No report.

Watch Hill Chapel Liaison- Edith Eglin

No report.

New/Old Business-

Joan thanked everyone for helping with all the committees. She then read what the WHMLIS is donating to local Watch Hill groups. This was approved at the Board Meeting and this is the budget going forward.

EBA $500

WH Chapel $500

WH Conservancy $250

WH Lighthouse $500

Westerly Library $200 (Books in Kind)

MGR Horses $10,000

WH Islands (maintenance) $5,000

WH Park (plant maintenance) $2,500 (Park Fund)

WH Dreamer (restoration) $25,000 (Park Fund) estimates still to come in

Park/Chief Ninigret Restoration- N/A

iPad $500 (for Boutique/Photo Show)

Joan said that the estimates are still coming in on the “Dreamer”. There will be focus on our building and the traffic islands. It was asked what we raised at the Chief

Ninigret party…ticket sales $18,000

Donations $117,000

Net $92,000

It was approved to continue using the accountant and insurance companies we have used over the past several years.

Sue Gummenson asked about where to donate pantry items at the end of the summer. It was suggested that maybe we could circulate a list.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:40AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Beaumont Lett