~ Meeting Minutes ~

Watch Hill Memorial Library and Improvement Society
Annual Meeting Minutes
Saturday, September 2, 2017

Attending: Ardi Schneider, Julia Landstreet, Jan W. Ogden, Pamela M Heller, Joan Patton, Meredith Flynn, Treecie Schoonmaker, Vicky Martin, Sheila Rockwell, Ardis S. Holliday, Liz Sayre, Joan Lentz, Donna Simmons, Chantal Curtis, Alli Gilbert, Marianne Lynner, Gail Reynolds, Noelle Doumar, Stephanie Kelly, Lydia Cottrell, Penny Kelly, Tobin Heminway, Debra Nelson, Martie Walker, Olga Goff, Sue Gummeson, Carmina Roth, Joan Beth Brown, Dabney Pierce, Laura Parker, Mellen Vogt, Susan Harkins, Janet B. Connor

Call to Order: 10:01

Ardi Schneider welcomed everyone to the meeting

Recording Secretary’s Report: Julia Landstreet requested that we waive reading the Minutes of the August 10, 2017 meeting and stated that those Minutes stand approved as presented with the correction of new members name, Nellie Dwyer, online.

Treasurer’s Report: Judy O’Connell presented the income statement.

WHMLIS Account- $249,335.35
Merry Go Round- Fund- $92,718.10
Park Fund- $79,985.04


Summer Boutique- $32,908.77
Photography Show- $1,979.00
Membership Dues- $8,800
Donations- $12, 406

  • $6,236 Unrestricted

  • $6,045 Memoir project

  • $100 Park Fund

  • $25 Amy’s Torch

Total operating expenses of ~$22,916 have been incurred ($^k Memoir project) – excludes boutique expenses which were netted against income, and $13k in Park fund, accounted against Park fund cash)

Donations:  The Executive committee voted to donate $500 to:

East Beach Association
Watch Hill Chapel
Watch Hill Conservancy
Watch Hill Lighthouse Keepers
Westerly Library (in honor of the Anniversary year)

First Vice President’s Report:  Kathleen Kocatas welcomed the four new members, and encouraged future nominations

Second Vice-President’s Report:  Beth Bean, absent, no report.

President’s Report: Calendar for 2018 will be ready by early May

Committee Reports:

Art Show: no report 

Beautification - Joan Lemp
Joan thanked the many volunteers this summer. Funding for the plant material  has been provided through the Lattner Foundation. Conversations continue with the Fire District to identify “ownership” of some islands, State of RI or Westerly.  Lydia Cottrell proposed undertaking care of the large island in front of the entrance to the Avondale Preserve, Dabney Pierce clarified that this is outside of the scope of the WHMLIS. Comments were shared that the rock wall at Ridge Road had been repaired.

Children’s Program- Meredith Flynn
Meredith  reported that the Children’s Program has enjoyed a successful season with lots of fun events. She thanked the many volunteers:

Cooking events: headed up by Sydney McGill & Serena Bingham: Evy Verbinnen, Faith Moore, Virginia Manella.

Tea Party: Headed by Susan Burke  O’Neal.
Special thanks to all who donated food and décor, and Heidi McWilliams for the food. The two Marine Animal days were very successful 8-10 kids each.  She requested that participants sign up in advance to make planning easier and more efficient for the Committee. Thanks to Ardi for the email blasts, to Joan for the guidance, and to Lisa Mannix for getting the season started.

4th of July Parade: No report, but Olga Goff suggested that some sort of music accompanies  the 2018 Parade.

Garden Tour:
Joan Lemp reported that the theme for the 2018 garden tour will be “Gardens along the river” The committee is working to secure gardens and volunteers.  The plan is to have entry at One Bay Street (Lamphere Livery), if possible, with a trolley system to transport visitors to the gardens.  

Park Restoration- Joan Beth Brown
Anticipates work to begin Tuesday, September 5 to raise and regrade around the “Dreamer” as well as improved irrigation and substituting hydrangea for the existing rosa rugosa.  

Fundraising Committee Reports:

Boutique- Donna Simmons
Donna looks forward to chairing a successful event. She asked for volunteers and will be reviewing the feedback on the vendor report.  

Associate Organizations:

Watch Hill Conservancy- Joan Lemp
Grover Fuqua, CRMC spoke at One Bay Street on Coastal Flooding.

East Beach Association-
Unknown object that presents a hazard to swimmers to be removed from the shoreline.  

no report

Lighthouse Keepers- Chantal Curtis
Thank you to the many volunteers. There were >500 visitors, and donations were made.

Memoir Project-
Jan W Ogden spoke highly about the project

Merry Go Round- Sue Gummeson
Sue noted that the number of rides was down a bit from last year in the beginning of the summer but ended up at the same level as last year. The horses are in good shape.

Watch Hill Chapel Society-
no report

Old Business:

Video Oral History Project: Olga Goff
This project has been a long time in the making. It has been determined that the interviews will be held with those who were members of the community before 1960. With a focus on the village of Watch Hill when it included a grocery, fish market, pharmacy, and other restaurants. This project has been started and stopped, the committee hopes to include the old interviews currently in the files of Bill Miller. Paul Dewey and Bill Miller will assist with the project.

New Business:
Admission Policies: Penny Kelly proposed changes to the admissions policies to include; loosening the residency requirement to include new members sooner, require sponsors to mentor new members for two years. It was confirmed that new members can be proposed at any time during the year via the website.

Additional conversation ensued about membership reminders. Predominately electronic, limiting “snail mail” to only those who do not use email.

Adjournment: 10:35 AM

Watch Hill Memorial Library and Improvement Society
Annual Meeting
August 10, 2017

Attending:  Marion Abood, Donna Barnes, Beth Bean, Jeanne Blasberg, Regina Burke, Susan Burke-O’Neal, Susan DeMovick, Cindy Emmet, Olga Goff, Susan Helie, Ardis Holliday, Marny Homan, Jane Hottensen, Lisa Jankowski, Ann Snowden Johnson, Penny Kelly, Stephanie Kelly, Kathleen Kocatas, Julia Landstreet, Mary Jane LeFebvre, Beaumont Lett, Jen MacLear, Lisa Mannix, Heidi McWilliams, Sue Melvin, Warren Miller, Lore Musser, Judy O’Connell, Jan Ogden, Laura Parker, Eloise Patton, Joan Patton, Judy Prosser, Carmina Roth, Deborah Royce, Vicky Saglio, Moya Saunders, Liz Sayre, Ardi Schneider, Treecie Schoonmaker, Joanne Sloneker, Leslie Tomenson, Mellen Vogt, Martie Walker, Darcy Weber, Carolyn Westerfield, Adele White, Barbara Whittaker, Kathy Whittemore, McDowell Winn

Call to Order: 10:05AM

Joan Patton welcomed everyone to the Annual Meeting.

Recording Secretary’s Report: Kathy Whittemore requested that we waive reading the Minutes of the July 6, 2017 meeting and stated that those Minutes stand approved as presented online.

Treasurer’s Report: Judy O’Connell presented the income statement.
WHMLIS Account- $248,312.89
Merry Go Round- Fund- $92,718.10
Park Fund- $79,985.04

Summer Boutique- $33,062.77 (est. net profit)
Photography Show- $1979.00
Membership Dues- $7000.00
Donations- $10,825.00

First Vice President’s Report:  Ardi Schneider announced that four new candidates for membership were unanimously approved during Executive session. They are:
Sarah Jane Sculco Gibbons
Natalie Dwyer
Patricia Lovejoy
Megan Lemp Tracey

Second Vice-President’s Report:  Kathleen Kocatas reported on the status of the new sign for the WHMLIS. Because the wrong sign was sent, a reorder has been necessary. There was a discussion of the composition of the backing of the new sign along with the desire for water/weather resistance of the casing. She also reported that the basement of the building has been purged, cleaned and reorganized.

President’s Report:  Joan Patton asked Lisa Mannix, on behalf of the Nominating Committee, to present the proposed slate of WHMLIS board members for the 2017-2019 term.

    President                                        Ardi Schneider
    First Vice President                      Kathleen Kocatas
    Second Vice President                 Elizabeth Bean
    Treasurer                                        Judy O’Connell
    Recording Secretary                     Julia Fry Landstreet
    Corresponding Secretary             Susan Burke-O’Neal
    Assistant Secretary/Treasurer    Kathy Whittemore

Board of Directors:
    Janet Whitman Ogden                Term 2017-2019
    Pam Markham Heller                  Term 2017-2019
    Susan DeMovick                           Term 2017-2018
    Moya O’Donnell Saunders          Term 2016-2018
    Joan Patton, ex officio                 Term 2017-2018

A motion was made to approve the slate. It was seconded and unanimously approved.

Committee Reports:

Boutique- Stepanie Kelly, Regina Livingston, and Lisa Jankowski
Stephanie reported on behalf of her co-chairs that the Boutique was a tremendous success this year, with a 20% increase in gross sales over last year. She graciously thanked the many volunteers who made the event possible, including a special thank you to Jeb Daukas and Sam Saunders who were of great help during set-up. 

Garden Tour- Heidi McWilliams
Heidi announced that she is putting together a committee for next year’s Garden Tour to be held on July 12th and 13th, 2018. She welcomed volunteers. The plan is to have entry at One Bay Street (Lanphere Livery), if possible, with a trolley system to transport visitors to the gardens. Heidi also announced that she is planning to host a special benefit cocktail reception at her home on the Thursday evening before the event. Tickets for the Garden Tour will be $50. Tickets for the Cocktail Reception and Garden Tour will be $100.

Children’s Program- Marny Homan
Marny reported that the Children’s Program has enjoyed a successful season with lots of fun events. She thanked Ardi for volunteering to lead two of the events and Beth Bean for offering her home for one event. She requested that participants sign up in advance to make planning easier and more efficient for the Committee. She reminded parents to us Signup Genius on the WHMLIS. Members must login first and then look for the Signup Genius tab. Upcoming children’s events are also listed on the website.

Photography Show- Jen MacLear and Mellen Vogt
Laura Parker spoke on behalf of the Committee, which included Jen MacLear, Mellen Vogt, and Stacy Clapp. Laura thanked all members who volunteered their time, particularly Warren Miller, Dabney Pierce, Susan Burke-O’Neal, and Joan Beth Brown. She reported that 212 people attended the event over the course of the week. There were 24 artists and 48 photographs displayed. Unframed photographs, which were available in bins, were very popular. The show netted approximately $2000. Next year, the WHMLIS will host the Art Show. The Committee plans to send out letters this fall inviting artists to display their work. Laura asked for names of artists to be added. Joan Patton added, as a reminder to the Membership, that these two shows are meant to be community-building events which showcase the work of local artists. 

Beautification- Joan Lemp
Penny Kelly reported on behalf of Joan Lemp, thanking the many volunteers this summer. She also reviewed the areas around town that the Committee lovingly maintains, including the Gazebo and the islands.

Park Restoration- 
No report, except that Joan Patton mentioned that the Committee will be working over the winter to devise a planting scheme as well as the relocation of The Dreamer.

Merry Go Round- Sue Gummeson
Sue noted that the number of rides is down a bit from last year, likely attributable to the poor weather this summer. There have been 2868 inside rides and 25,317 outside rides to date this season.

Joan Patton reported on the Library usage this summer. July saw 113 adults and 81 children using the Library, with 38 for Storytimes. August, thus far, has seen a total of 95 patrons. She noted that the Library will be closed on August 14th in observation of VJ Day.

Lighthouse Keepers- Chantal Curtis
Ann Johnson reported on behalf of Chantal. Volunteers are still needed for a couple of Tuesdays in August. She also noted that the last day for the season will be Thursday, Sept 7th.

East Beach Association- Lore Musser
Lore spoke briefly about the ongoing legal issues surrounding the Rights of Way to East Beach. 

Watch Hill Chapel Society- Edith Eglin
On behalf of Edith, Beth Bean reported tha the Annual Meeting of the WH Chapel Society will be on Sunday, August 13th at noon. The Bible Study series is ongoing at Dick Sayre’s home. Finally, Evensong will take place this year on August 27th at 5PM at the Chapel and will feature the Chorus of Westerly.

Watch Hill Conservancy- Ann Stevenson
Ardi reported on behalf of Ann that the Benefit was again a success this year, but that the Conservancy is considering changes for next year’s event. She reminded the Membership of the mission statement of the Conservancy: “To promote the preservation of the natural environment and historic character of Watch Hill. Its responsibilities include managing threatened wildlife, as well as providing the design consultancy services to property owners undertaking construction or renovation. In addition, the Conservancy runs educational programs for children and nature walks for all ages.

Memoir Project- Jeanne Blasberg
Jeanne reported that 24 students are working on their memoirs. With the second summer of the project coming to an end, the goal is to have 30-40 pieces included in the final publication. She noted that there are some year-round Westerly residents participating in the project, which has added dimension to the experience. 

Joan Patton ending the meeting by reminding the Membership that part of the mission of the WHMLIS is that of a library, and she took a moment to thank the librarians who help make it possible.

The next meeting will be on Saturday, September 2nd. It will be the final meeting of the year. 

Joan officially passed the gavel to Ardi.  Ardi thanked Joan for her service to the WHMLIS and presented her with two gifts.

Ardi offered two final announcements:

  • She has invited Julie Decker, professor of museum studies at Rochester Institute of Technology, to come to WH and speak to the WHMLIS. Julie is writing a book about Enid Yandell, the sculptor of the Chief Ninigret statue.

  • The WHMLIS is considering an Oral History project to share stories of Watch Hill.

Adjournment: 10:24AM

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Whittemore
Recording Secretary

Please read the following letter from the Nominating Committee regarding the Proposed 2017-2019 WHMLIS Slate.

July 24, 2017

Dear Members,
After careful consideration, the Nominating Committee has proposed the following members to serve on the board of the Watch Hill Memorial Library and Improvement Society:
Officers 2017-2019:
          President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Ardi Schneider
          First Vice President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Kathleen Kocatas
          Second Vice President . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Elizabeth Bean
          Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Judy O’Connell
          Recording Secretary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Julia Fry Landstreet
          Corresponding Secretary . . . . . . . . . . . Susan Burke O’Neal
          Assistant Secretary/Treasurer . . . . . . .Kathy Whittemore
Board of Directors:   
            Janet Whitman Ogden . . . . . . . . . . . . Term 2017 - 2019
            Pam Markham Heller . . . . . . . . . . . . .Term 2017 - 2019   
            Susan DeMovick . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Term 2017 - 2018
   Previously elected:
            Moya O’Donnell Saunders . . . . . . . . . Term 2016 - 2018  
            Joan Patton, ex officio . . . . . . . . . . . . .Term 2017 - 2018
Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this slate, please contact any one of us.
The slate will be voted on at our Annual Meeting to be held Thursday, August 10th at 10:00 am.
Respectfully submitted,
Joan Beth Brown, Lydia Cottrell, Lisa McCormick Mannix

Watch Hill Memorial Library and Improvement Society
New Member Meeting
July 6, 2017

Attending:  Beth Bean, Joan Beth Brown, Janet Burke, Maria Canale, Stacy Clapp, Lauren Corrinet, Chantal Curtis, Mary Dillow, Sudie Dush, Edith Eglin, Elizabeth Ellis,  Meredith Flynn, Olga Goff, Susan Harkins, Leslie Hecker, Lisa Jankowski, Ann Johnson, Stephanie Kelly, Kathleen Kocatas, Diana Kline, Joan Lemp, Beaumont Lett, Marianne Lynner, Jen MacLear, Anne Manella, Lisa Mannix, Audrey Moore, Judy O’Connell, Susan Burke-O’Neal, Laura Parker, Joan Patton, Judy Prosser, Ardi Schneider, Treecie Schoonmaker, Mellen Vogt, Martie Walker, Darcy Weber, Wivi-Anne Weber, Barbara Whitaker, Kathy Whittemore, Christi Wood, Emily Zanios

Call to Order:  10:36 AM

Joan Patton welcomed everyone to our New Members Meeting.

Recording Secretary Report:  Kathy Whittemore requested that we waive a reading of the Minutes from the June 17, 2017 meeting and announced that the Minutes stand approved as presented.

Treasurer Report:  Judy O’Connell reported that dues are coming in ($5700), as well as some donations ($7170). She also provided the following summary:

WHMLIS Account $228,167.10

Carousel Fund $92,718.10

Park Fund $79,499.15

House Committee Report:  Kathleen Kocatas reported that the new sign for the Library building has been ordered and paid for, but she is still awaiting its arrival.

She has also been working to organize the basement. She also mentioned the need for a second cleaning of the Library, which will likely happen at the beginning of August. Generally, she stated that the building is in good shape but asked that she be informed if anything needs attention.

President’s Report:  Joan Patton reminded everyone of two big events that are coming up, the Photography Show, chaired by Jen MacLear and Mellen Vogt, and the Boutique, chaired by Lisa Jankowski, Stephanie Kelly, and Regina Livingston. Volunteers are needed for both events!

Joan made a specific plea for volunteers to help with accounting at the Boutique, and Leslie Hecker generously volunteered to fill this vacancy for Saturday. Lauren Corrinet and Meredith Flynn had already volunteered to help on Friday.

First Vice-President Report:  Ardi Schneider was happy to introduce our five new members and invited each to stand and say something about herself.

  • Mary Dillow

  • Marianne Lynner

  • Darcy Weber

  • Christi Wood

  • Emily Zanios

Ardi reminded the Membership that candidates may be proposed at any time during the season and that this can be done through the website. Password reminder: Summer

Joan announced that the Nominating Committee, made up of Joan Beth Brown, Beth Bean and Lydia Cottrell, are working on the slate for next year and will update us at the August meeting.

Joan reminded everyone that the WHMLIS website has been enhanced and that information regarding meetings, calendar, events, etc may be found there. Again, the password is Summer. Joan also noted that she will provide hard copies for any members who would prefer them.

Joan informed the Membership that the WHMLIS is considering hosting a Garden Tour again next year. She welcomes thoughts and ideas on this.

Committee Reports-

Children’s Programs:  Lauren Corrinet reported that this year’s 4th of July Parade was an enormous success last Sunday. Balloons were added this year. The Committee did receive a suggestion that it might be better to have held the parade on Independence Day.

Co-chair Meredith Flynn noted that, for clarity, sign-up for the various children’s programs has been broken down into two pieces: volunteers and participants. The sign-ups are available online on the WHMLIS website. There will also be advertisements/promotions around town. Lauren thanked Ardi for the craft program yesterday, which was extremely successful.

Photography Show:  Mellen Vogt reported that sign-up sheets for volunteers for this year’s Photography Show are available on the WHMLIS website.

The Opening Reception will be held on Sunday, July 30th @ 5:30PM in the Undercroft of the WH Chapel. The show will run through the following Sunday, August 6th.

She also added that this year, in addition to all of the beautifully framed photographs on display, bins of unframed work will be offered.

Boutique:  Stephanie Kelly announced that she was circulating sign-up sheets for volunteers for this year’s Boutique, which will be held on Friday and Saturday, August 4th and 5th. Stephanie expressed her gratitude to Leslie Hecker for volunteering to help with the accounting on Saturday and to Lauren Corrinet and Meredith Flynn for helping on Friday. Stephanie noted that boys are needed as volunteers for set-up and heavy lifting.

Joan underscored the importance of the Boutique, not only as a community event, but also as the WHMLIS’s largest annual fundraiser. She encouraged members to get involved in volunteering, shopping, and getting the word out!

Beautification:  Joan Lemp graciously thanked the tireless volunteers of her committee and circulated a sign-up sheet for additional volunteers.  She reminded members that work is seasonal and volunteer times/days are flexible.

She reviewed the many areas in Watch Hill that the Committee services.

She read the names of her entire Committee and thanked every member of her continued dedication.

Park Restoration:  Joan Beth Brown reported that work is continuing at the south end of the park to restore the area near The Dreamer. The plaque near the flagpole is being replaced.

Merry Go Round:  Christie Daukas has stepped down. Joan requested that the members consider taking on this position or pass the word about the vacancy.

Lighthouse Keepers:  Chantal Curtis thanked the July volunteers at the Lighthouse and requested some additional volunteers for August. She circulated a sign-up sheet.

East Beach Association:  No report was given.

Joan Beth mentioned that the annual EBA party will be held on Saturday, July 22nd at 5:30PM on East Beach.

Watch Hill Chapel Society: Edith Eglin reported that the Chapel Society has a new website and encouraged members to consult it for various information and events.

The Society is also now sending an email blast every two weeks to its members.

She also noted the following upcoming events:

  • Hymn Sing -Sunday, July 23rd.

  • Bible Study- August 15, 22, and 29th at Liz and Dick Sayre’s home @ 10AM.

Memoir Project:  No report was given.

Joan did mention that anyone interested in the July or August sessions should contact Jeanne Blasberg or Katie Porter for more information.

Adjournment:  11:10AM

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Whittemore
Recording Secretary

Watch Hill Memorial Library and Improvement Society
Executive Committee Minutes
June 17, 2017

Attending:  Judy O’Connell, Joan Patton (telephone), Moya Saunders, Ardi Schneider, Kathy Whittemore

Ardi Schneider began the meeting at 9:08AM. Joan Patton was out of town but able to participate in the meeting via telephone.

Secretary’s Report: Kathy Whittemore reported that there were no minutes to approve from the September 2016 meeting of the Executive Committee.

Treasurer’s Report: Judy O’Connell reviewed the current balance sheet.

WHMLIS account - $229,825.00

Merry Go Round  - $92,718.10

Park Fund              - $79,985.04

Ardi noted a donation of $4200 from the Ocean Community Chamber Foundation in honor of Betsy Haviland to the Merry-Go-Round fund.

Joan announced that, as of February, we have a new Webmaster, Patrick Quinn. He has been a wonderful addition and has enhanced and organized our website. He will be paid $45/hour.

First Vice-President’s Report: Ardi Schneider gave a quick review of the three new prospective members: Mary Dillow, Marianne Lynner, and Darcy Weber.

A motion was made to approve all three candidates. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

Ardi mentioned that ideas are needed for the Nominating Committee.

House Committee Report:  Kathleen was not present but Ardi spoke on her behalf, noting that a framed print inside the Library has faded over time and should be replaced. There is also a leaky faucet which needs repair, and the new sign has been ordered but has not yet arrived. The building has been cleaned, thanks to the Parks Commission who took care of this in exchange for use of the building as winter storage for the Merry-Go-Round equipment. The new flag is up and looks great, along with the beautiful new hydrangeas and other plantings courtesy of the Beautification Committee led by Joan Lemp.

President’s Report: Joan asked everyone to have a look at the 2017 Calendar which she compiled. She noted three big events:

  • The 4th of July Bicycle Parade- Sunday, July 2nd  (3:30PM bicycle decorating, 4:00PM parade)

  • The Photography Show- July 30-August 6th

  • The Boutique- August 4th and 5th

Ardi adjourned the meeting at 9:50AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Whittemore
Recording Secretary

Watch Hill Memorial Library and Improvement Society
Membership Meeting
June 17, 2017

Attending:  Joan Beth Brown, Lauren Corrinet, Lydia Cottrell, Chantal Curtis, Elizabeth Ellis, Tobin Heminway, Ardis Holliday, Lisa Jankowski, Ann Johnson, Penny Kelly, Stephanie Kelly, Mary Jane Lefebvre, Joan Lemp, Audrey Moore, Cathy Moore, Judy O’Connell, Jan Whitman Ogden, Judith Prosser, Gail Reynolds, Sheila Rockwell, Moya Saunders, Ardi Schneider, Treecie Schoonmaker, Kathy Whittemore   

Call to Order: Ardi (on behalf of Joan Patton) called the meeting to order at 10:04AM and welcomed all in attendance to the Membership Meeting. The necrology was read and a moment of silence was observed to remember: Barbara Caspersen, Virginia Daukas, Janice Hebb, Ellen Murray, Marge Nugent, Margaret Ronaldson, and Marion Whittemore.

Recording Secretary Report:  Kathy Whittemore

Kathy requested we waive the reading of the Minutes from the Sept. 3, 2016 meeting. Ardi noted that the Minutes stand approved as presented on the website.

Treasurer Report:  Judy O’Connell

Judy reviewed the current balance sheet:

WHMLIS account $229,825.00

Merry-Go-Round fund $ 92,718.10

Park fund $ 79,985.10

She reminded everyone to please pay her dues. This can be done easily online or a check may be mailed.

First Vice-President Report:  Ardi Schneider

Ardi recognized the new members who were voted in last year and welcomed them. She encouraged them to sign up for the various volunteer opportunities offered through the WHMLIS. Ardi then read the names of the three candidates for membership this year: Mary Dillow, Marilyn Lynner and Darcy Weber. Ardi was pleased to announce that they were unanimously voted in during Executive Board session prior to this meeting. We will welcome all three at our next meeting on July 6th, during the New Member Reception at 10:00AM.

Ardi then announced that our website has been newly enhanced. The Member section on the site is password protected. The password is: Summer. She encouraged everyone to consult the website, where they will find information about events, programs, meetings, dues payment, and more!

Judy Prosser suggested that some members may not utilize the website and that email “blasts” may be more helpful to some. She also requested that a postcard be sent prior to the first meeting of the summer, as a reminder. It was further suggested that the reminder card go to the summer address.

Beautification Committee:  Joan Lemp

Joan made a plea for more volunteers. She then thanked her wonderful committee for their tireless efforts. Work is being done on the planters and lawn at the Library. She thanked those who have sponsored the care of the islands around town. It was agreed that those working on beautification around town may do so at their convenience if they cannot make one of the scheduled times for gardening.

Park Restoration Committee:  Joan Beth Brown and Susie O’Connor

Joan Beth announced that work is underway to restore The Dreamer area at the south end of the park. The committee is now working with Rick Worcester, landscape architect, and Fields of Dreams, landscaping. The Dreamer has been moved 10’ “into” the park to make it more of a centerpiece of that area. A bench will be added behind The Dreamer. Hydrangeas will be added to replace the rosa rugosa, and the irrigation system will be enhanced. At the north end of the park, the area will be regraded due to flooding. Hydrangeas will be planted along the fence to provide screening near the parking lot.

House Committee:  Kathleen Kocatas

Kathleen was not present. Ardi spoke on her behalf, noting that a new sign for the Library building has been ordered, and a new flag has been installed. The building has been cleaned, thanks to the Parks Commission who agreed to do this in exchange for use of the building for winter storage of Merry-Go-Round equipment. Ardi thanked Joan Lemp and her Beautification Committee for their work in planting beautiful new hydrangeas and creating lovely planters.

Children’s Programs Committee:  Lauren Corrinet

Lauren noted that the Children’s programs will begin on July 5th. Programs will consist of crafts, cooking, scavenger hunts, and more! Events will be advertised around town as well as via the website. She requested volunteers for the various events. The 4th of July bicycle parade will be held on Sunday, July 2nd at 4:00pm, with bike decorating at 3:30 at the Library.

Photography Show Committee:  Jen MacLear and Mellen Vogt

No report

Boutique Committee:  Stephanie Kelly and Regina Livingston

Stephanie requested volunteers for this year’s Boutique, which will be held on August 4 and 5. She passed around a sign-up sheet and noted that volunteers may also sign up online, if more convenient. Go to the Members tab and then click on Volunteers. She reviewed the vendors for this year and noted that, in an effort to keep things “fresh,” there will be seven new vendors. A publicity chair is still needed!

Merry-Go-Round Committee:  Christie Daukas

No report

Lighthouse Museum:  Chantal Curtis

Chantal announced that the Lighthouse will open on Tuesday, July 4th. Volunteers are needed for this season. A sign-up sheet was circulated. Chantal thanked those who have served as volunteers in the past.

East Beach Association:  Lori Musser

No report

Watch Hill Chapel Society:  Edith Eglin

Edith announced that the Chapel will be open and services will begin on Sunday, June 18th. She mentioned that an email blast was sent announcing the launch of the Chapel Society’s new website. If you did not receive the email, please contact Edith and she will add you to their email distribution list.

Watch Hill Conservancy: Ann Stevenson

Information for their annual event can be found on the WHMLIS website. Event will take place next Friday evening, July 23, at the MC Beach Club.

Other business:

Cathy Moore noted that there will be a “Coyote Talk” on Tuesday, June 27th at 5PM at One Bay Street. Arthur Smith from Westerly Animal Control division will speak.

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, July 6th. We will welcome our New Members at 10:00AM, followed immediately by our membership meeting at 10:30AM.

Adjournment: Ardi adjourned the meeting at 10:45AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Whittemore
Recording Secretary

Watch Hill Memorial Library and Improvement Society
Annual Meeting Minutes
September 3, 2016

Call to order: President Joan Patton called the meeting to order at 10am. Joan expressed her sympathy for the community on the loss of Marian Whittemore.

Secretary’s report: Kathy Whittemore

Beaumont Lett, on behalf of Kathy Whittemore, requested that reading the Minutes from the August 11, 2016 meeting be waived. A motion was made to approve the Minutes. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

First Vice-President’s Report: Ardi Schneider

Ardi asked the new members to stand so we could welcome them.

Treasurer’s Report: Judy O’Connell

Judy submitted her written report with the following balances noted:

General Account: $228,208

Income: (~$53,000)


Income from the Boutique ~$28,000

Art Show:

Income from the Art Show ~$3,590


$11,520 dues has been collected

$7,500 past dues outstanding


$7,050 of unrestricted donations have been made

$4,000 donations received for Memoir Project

$200 donations received for Amy’s Torch


Total operating income of ~$20,950 have been incurred (including $2,500 for memoir project).

Net Income:

Net operating income for the fiscal year to date is approximately $32,500

Carousel Fund: $86,340

Park Fund: $92,875

Judy thanked everyone for paying their dues. She asked to please submit any reimbursements needed for the events.

Joan thanked the Membership for all their involvement and support to the different events.

President’s Report: Joan Patton

Joan reported that committee chairs for the Bike Parade, Art Show, and the Boutique should have people shadowing them to then take over the following year. She asked for any suggestions for a volunteer to help with the website to be submitted. She said it was a simple website and the job would be about three months of work. Joan reminded everyone that there is still merchandise for sale from the Chief Ninigret Celebration.

House Committee- Kathleen Kocatas

Kathleen reported that the new signage will be installed at the building for next Spring.

Children’s Program Committee- Lisa Mannix/Eliza Brown

Lisa reported she will continue next year with people shadowing her to learn the ropes. She thanked everyone especially Ardi Schneider, Carolyn Johnson, Janet Whitman, Sheila Rockwell, and Cathy Moore. Lisa added the Children’s Programs were overall terrific and all well attended. The Tea Party and story time were big successes. She added that Vicky Saglio wanted to thank everyone who helped with story time.

Beautification Committee- Joan Lemp

Joan Lemp was not present, but Joan Patton reported for her. She thanked everyone for their help and if anyone else would like to join the group for next summer please let her know. Next year they will be focusing on the traffic islands.

Merry–Go-Round Committee- Christie Daukas

Christie reported the number of rides was slightly down from her last report. The inside horses by 9% and the outside horses by 7%. She said the motor is running great and the new signs were up.

Library Committee- Linda Brenner

Joan reported for Linda that the Library had a very busy summer. There were two very helpful librarians on hand. She noted that 385 DVDs had been lent out in July and only 154 in August.

Lighthouse Keepers Liaison- Chantal Curtis

Chantal reported that they had over 30 volunteers for the Lighthouse. There were 550 visitors to the museum, and it would be open one more week this summer.

East Beach Association Liaison- Lori Musser

No report.

Conservancy Liaison- Ann Stevenson

No report.

Watch Hill Chapel Liaison- Edith Eglin

No report.

New/Old Business-

Joan thanked everyone for helping with all the committees. She then read what the WHMLIS is donating to local Watch Hill groups. This was approved at the Board Meeting and this is the budget going forward.

EBA $500

WH Chapel $500

WH Conservancy $250

WH Lighthouse $500

Westerly Library $200 (Books in Kind)

MGR Horses $10,000

WH Islands (maintenance) $5,000

WH Park (plant maintenance) $2,500 (Park Fund)

WH Dreamer (restoration) $25,000 (Park Fund) estimates still to come in

Park/Chief Ninigret Restoration- N/A

iPad $500 (for Boutique/Photo Show)

Joan said that the estimates are still coming in on the “Dreamer”. There will be focus on our building and the traffic islands. It was asked what we raised at the Chief

Ninigret party…ticket sales $18,000

Donations $117,000

Net $92,000

It was approved to continue using the accountant and insurance companies we have used over the past several years.

Sue Gummenson asked about where to donate pantry items at the end of the summer. It was suggested that maybe we could circulate a list.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:40AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Beaumont Lett

Watch Hill Memorial Library and Improvement Society
Annual Meeting Minutes
August 11, 2016

Attending:  Beth Bean, Jeanne Blasberg, Eliza Brown, Joan Beth Brown, Maria Canale, Patricia Chadwick, Janet Connor, Sarah Cooper, Christie Daukas, Sudie Dush, Olga Goff, Janet Halvorson, Susan Harkins, Susan Helie, Liz Fagan Herman, Lisa Jankowski, Ann Snowden Johnson, Stephanie Kelly, Diana Kline, Joan Lemp, Beaumont Lett, Margah Lips, Regina Livingston, Lisa McCormick Mannix, Heidi McWilliams, Warren Miller, Audrey Moore, Judy O’Connell, Joan Patton, Dabney Pierce, Sheila Rockwell, Carmina Roth, Vicky Saglio, Moya Saunders, Ardi Schneider, Ann Stevenson, Mellen Vogt, Carolyn Westerfield, Barbara Whittaker, Kathy Whittemore, Adina Young

Call to Order: President Joan Patton called the Annual Meeting to order at 10:03AM.

Secretary’s Report: Kathy Whittemore

Kathy requested that reading of the Minutes from the July 7, 2016 meeting be waived. A motion was made to approve the Minutes. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.  An attendance sheet was circulated and members were asked to sign in.

First Vice-President’s Report: Ardi Schneider

Ardi announced that an additional new member, Charlotte Brittan, was voted in this morning. 

Treasurer’s Report: Judy O’Connell

Judy submitted her written report with the following balances noted:

General Account                    $202,000 (not inclusive of Art Show and Boutique)

Carousel Fund                       $86,560

Park Fund                              $96,380

Membership Dues                            $10,920 has been collected

Outstanding Dues 2016                   $9300 (2016)

Outstanding Dues (historical)         $9100

Donations (unrestricted)                 $6500

                    (Memoir Project)          $4000

                     (Amy’s Torch)              $200

Judy announced that the preliminary income from this year’s Summer Boutique and Art Show is $28,000 and $3750, respectively, but noted that not all expenses have been submitted yet.

Joan thanked the Membership for all of their support of and involvement in these events.

President’s Report: Joan Patton

Joan reviewed the ByLaw changes regarding electronic distribution of material, which were sent to the Membership previously.  A motion was made to approve these changes. This was seconded and approved unanimously.

Joan thanked Helen Heatherington, Tania Clark, Jean Kopp, Doreen Sanderson, Ann Stevenson, Susan Gummeson, Margah Lips, Joanne Sloneker, Susan Harkins who made up the committee that processed and mailed 400 letters to the Membership regarding the By-Law changes (cost $500).

Joan reminded everyone that there is still merchandise for sale from the Chief Ninigret Celebration.  Please contact Joan Beth Brown, who will happily assist anyone who desires these items.

Summer Boutique Committee Report: Regina Livingston

Regina thanked Stephanie Kelly and the rest of the committee for their help with this year’s boutique. She also thanked the many volunteers that helped to make the event such a success. She reported a projected profit of just under $28,000.  She announced that, Regina Livingston, Stephanie Kelly and Lisa Jankowski will Co-Chair the event next summer, with the possibility of adding a third co-chair as well as a larger committee.

Nominating Committee - Beth Bean

Beth reported that Susan Burke-O’Neal and Moya Saunders will replace Susan Harkins and Julie Miller in 2017.

Joan Patton also recognized Joan Beth, who remained on the Board this year and has been indispensable.

House Committee Report - Kathleen Kocatas

Kathleen was not present, but Joan reported that new signage will be installed at the building, along with a new American flag. She requested that anyone with suggestions email Kathleen.

Children’s Program Committee - Eliza Brown

Eliza circulated photos of some of the programs that have been offered this year, and noted that each has been a great success. She thanked Ardi for offering her time and expertise with a watercolor program, Carolyn Johnson for her cooking class, Cathy Moore for the container garden class, and Sheila Rockwell for welcoming Dave with his animals.

Eliza announced that the annual Tea Party will be tomorrow, and she thanked Charlotte McGregor and Carmina Roth for helping with that.

Finally, Eliza mentioned the need for help with public relations for the Children’s Program. She suggested a dedicated person for this role next year. 

Joan added a thank-you to all of the Storytime volunteers who read to the children this summer.

Mrs. Westerfield commented about the uneven sidewalks and bushes extending into the road making it difficult to walk to and park around WH. Joan suggested mentioning it to FD and she would, too.

Joan mentioned that more volunteers will be needed to assist Lauren Corrinet and Susan DeMovick with the 4th of July Parade next summer and asked members to consider signing up to help.

Art Show Committee - Mellen Vogt

Mellen thanked all of the members who volunteered to help make the Art Show a success this year. She suggested that anyone interested in co-chairing in the future should get involved next year for the Photography Show and transition into the job.

She also mentioned the idea of adding bins of unframed artwork/photos which might be offered “cash&carry”. Suggestions from members are always welcome!

Joan thanked Mellen and Jen for their work.

Merry-Go-Round Committee - Christie Daukas

Christie mentioned that there is 24-hour surveillance of the Merry-Go-Round.

To date there have been:26,798  riders on outside horses, 2,764  riders on inside horses

Library Committee - Linda Brenner

Linda was not present but Joan reported that new books and DVDs will be added next year for the “tween” age group. She also noted that the Library has been very well-used this summer.

Memoir Project Committee – Jeanne Blasberg

Jeanne reviewed the Project. She announced that the first session is now complete. The second session will begin the week of August 16th, and there are a couple of spaces remaining. She noted that this year’s class is complimentary. She also mentioned that they are accepting submissions from writers who cannot participate in the class. All ages are welcome and encouraged.

Olga attested to the wonderful nature of the class and teacher.

Beautification Committee - Joan Lemp

Joan thanked the 15 volunteers on her committee who work faithfully and tirelessly. She also mentioned that they are always looking for new members to join them.

Joan recognized Cathy Moore, Susan Harkins, Susie O’Connor, and Liz Sayre, who have helped with the planters in the Village and the Police Booth area.

Regarding the Memorial Building, the planters and gardens are attended to on a regular basis. Some plants have been removed from planters and replaced with others to get us through to the fall.

Joan also thanked Diana Kline, Ann Stephenson, and Judy Prosser for their input. She noted that Ann Stephenson, Ann Flynn and Judy O’Connell have financed island on Ninigret and Kidds Way. Ridge Road island has been weeded and pruned and the “mow and go” cost submitted.

Finally, Joan noted that the curbings have rampant and unsightly weeds growing, and that Ardi Schneider has great organic spray that we can all use (she will share the recipe) to maintain the walks near our individual properties.

Mrs Westerfield mentioned sidewalks that are broken/crumbling. Joan suggested that Members who are concerned with this write to the Moderator of the Fire District and to the Town of Westerly regarding this problem, as it is not something we can fix on our own.

Lighthouse Keepers Liaison - Ann Johnson

Ann displayed the beautiful new merchandise that the Lighthouse Keepers are selling. Marge Schilling designed the logo, and the merchandise is being sold at Lighthouse.

East Beach Association Liaison - Lore Musser

Lore was not present, but Joan mentioned the very successful EBA partythat was held on July 22nd.

Joan Lemp added a reminder that the EBA annual meeting will be held this Sunday at 4:00PM at the WH Chapel. All should try to attend.

Watch Hill Conservancy Liaison - Ann Stephenson     No report. 

Watch Hill Chapel Liaison - Beth Bean

Beth reminded the Membership of several upcoming events at the Chapel:

Hymn Sing- August 21st at 5:00PM

Harpsichord Concert- August 27th at 6:30PM

More information can be found on the website.

Old Business /New Business- 

Joan announced the formation of the Park Restoration Committee. Joan Beth and Suzie O’Connor will chair this effort.

Joan Beth reviewed the purpose of the Committee, and noted that they will be turning their focus to restoring The Dreamer, which was commissioned by the WHMLIS in the 1930’s.

Janet O’Conner asked about garbage pickup in Village, noting that this is a problem.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:39AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Whittemore
Recording Secretary