Watch Hill Memorial Library and Improvement Society
Membership Meeting
June 17, 2017

Attending:  Joan Beth Brown, Lauren Corrinet, Lydia Cottrell, Chantal Curtis, Elizabeth Ellis, Tobin Heminway, Ardis Holliday, Lisa Jankowski, Ann Johnson, Penny Kelly, Stephanie Kelly, Mary Jane Lefebvre, Joan Lemp, Audrey Moore, Cathy Moore, Judy O’Connell, Jan Whitman Ogden, Judith Prosser, Gail Reynolds, Sheila Rockwell, Moya Saunders, Ardi Schneider, Treecie Schoonmaker, Kathy Whittemore   

Call to Order: Ardi (on behalf of Joan Patton) called the meeting to order at 10:04AM and welcomed all in attendance to the Membership Meeting. The necrology was read and a moment of silence was observed to remember: Barbara Caspersen, Virginia Daukas, Janice Hebb, Ellen Murray, Marge Nugent, Margaret Ronaldson, and Marion Whittemore.

Recording Secretary Report:  Kathy Whittemore

Kathy requested we waive the reading of the Minutes from the Sept. 3, 2016 meeting. Ardi noted that the Minutes stand approved as presented on the website.

Treasurer Report:  Judy O’Connell

Judy reviewed the current balance sheet:

WHMLIS account $229,825.00

Merry-Go-Round fund $ 92,718.10

Park fund $ 79,985.10

She reminded everyone to please pay her dues. This can be done easily online or a check may be mailed.

First Vice-President Report:  Ardi Schneider

Ardi recognized the new members who were voted in last year and welcomed them. She encouraged them to sign up for the various volunteer opportunities offered through the WHMLIS. Ardi then read the names of the three candidates for membership this year: Mary Dillow, Marilyn Lynner and Darcy Weber. Ardi was pleased to announce that they were unanimously voted in during Executive Board session prior to this meeting. We will welcome all three at our next meeting on July 6th, during the New Member Reception at 10:00AM.

Ardi then announced that our website has been newly enhanced. The Member section on the site is password protected. The password is: Summer. She encouraged everyone to consult the website, where they will find information about events, programs, meetings, dues payment, and more!

Judy Prosser suggested that some members may not utilize the website and that email “blasts” may be more helpful to some. She also requested that a postcard be sent prior to the first meeting of the summer, as a reminder. It was further suggested that the reminder card go to the summer address.

Beautification Committee:  Joan Lemp

Joan made a plea for more volunteers. She then thanked her wonderful committee for their tireless efforts. Work is being done on the planters and lawn at the Library. She thanked those who have sponsored the care of the islands around town. It was agreed that those working on beautification around town may do so at their convenience if they cannot make one of the scheduled times for gardening.

Park Restoration Committee:  Joan Beth Brown and Susie O’Connor

Joan Beth announced that work is underway to restore The Dreamer area at the south end of the park. The committee is now working with Rick Worcester, landscape architect, and Fields of Dreams, landscaping. The Dreamer has been moved 10’ “into” the park to make it more of a centerpiece of that area. A bench will be added behind The Dreamer. Hydrangeas will be added to replace the rosa rugosa, and the irrigation system will be enhanced. At the north end of the park, the area will be regraded due to flooding. Hydrangeas will be planted along the fence to provide screening near the parking lot.

House Committee:  Kathleen Kocatas

Kathleen was not present. Ardi spoke on her behalf, noting that a new sign for the Library building has been ordered, and a new flag has been installed. The building has been cleaned, thanks to the Parks Commission who agreed to do this in exchange for use of the building for winter storage of Merry-Go-Round equipment. Ardi thanked Joan Lemp and her Beautification Committee for their work in planting beautiful new hydrangeas and creating lovely planters.

Children’s Programs Committee:  Lauren Corrinet

Lauren noted that the Children’s programs will begin on July 5th. Programs will consist of crafts, cooking, scavenger hunts, and more! Events will be advertised around town as well as via the website. She requested volunteers for the various events. The 4th of July bicycle parade will be held on Sunday, July 2nd at 4:00pm, with bike decorating at 3:30 at the Library.

Photography Show Committee:  Jen MacLear and Mellen Vogt

No report

Boutique Committee:  Stephanie Kelly and Regina Livingston

Stephanie requested volunteers for this year’s Boutique, which will be held on August 4 and 5. She passed around a sign-up sheet and noted that volunteers may also sign up online, if more convenient. Go to the Members tab and then click on Volunteers. She reviewed the vendors for this year and noted that, in an effort to keep things “fresh,” there will be seven new vendors. A publicity chair is still needed!

Merry-Go-Round Committee:  Christie Daukas

No report

Lighthouse Museum:  Chantal Curtis

Chantal announced that the Lighthouse will open on Tuesday, July 4th. Volunteers are needed for this season. A sign-up sheet was circulated. Chantal thanked those who have served as volunteers in the past.

East Beach Association:  Lori Musser

No report

Watch Hill Chapel Society:  Edith Eglin

Edith announced that the Chapel will be open and services will begin on Sunday, June 18th. She mentioned that an email blast was sent announcing the launch of the Chapel Society’s new website. If you did not receive the email, please contact Edith and she will add you to their email distribution list.

Watch Hill Conservancy: Ann Stevenson

Information for their annual event can be found on the WHMLIS website. Event will take place next Friday evening, July 23, at the MC Beach Club.

Other business:

Cathy Moore noted that there will be a “Coyote Talk” on Tuesday, June 27th at 5PM at One Bay Street. Arthur Smith from Westerly Animal Control division will speak.

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, July 6th. We will welcome our New Members at 10:00AM, followed immediately by our membership meeting at 10:30AM.

Adjournment: Ardi adjourned the meeting at 10:45AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Whittemore
Recording Secretary