Watch Hill Memorial Library and Improvement Society
New Member Meeting
July 6, 2017

Attending:  Beth Bean, Joan Beth Brown, Janet Burke, Maria Canale, Stacy Clapp, Lauren Corrinet, Chantal Curtis, Mary Dillow, Sudie Dush, Edith Eglin, Elizabeth Ellis,  Meredith Flynn, Olga Goff, Susan Harkins, Leslie Hecker, Lisa Jankowski, Ann Johnson, Stephanie Kelly, Kathleen Kocatas, Diana Kline, Joan Lemp, Beaumont Lett, Marianne Lynner, Jen MacLear, Anne Manella, Lisa Mannix, Audrey Moore, Judy O’Connell, Susan Burke-O’Neal, Laura Parker, Joan Patton, Judy Prosser, Ardi Schneider, Treecie Schoonmaker, Mellen Vogt, Martie Walker, Darcy Weber, Wivi-Anne Weber, Barbara Whitaker, Kathy Whittemore, Christi Wood, Emily Zanios

Call to Order:  10:36 AM

Joan Patton welcomed everyone to our New Members Meeting.

Recording Secretary Report:  Kathy Whittemore requested that we waive a reading of the Minutes from the June 17, 2017 meeting and announced that the Minutes stand approved as presented.

Treasurer Report:  Judy O’Connell reported that dues are coming in ($5700), as well as some donations ($7170). She also provided the following summary:

WHMLIS Account $228,167.10

Carousel Fund $92,718.10

Park Fund $79,499.15

House Committee Report:  Kathleen Kocatas reported that the new sign for the Library building has been ordered and paid for, but she is still awaiting its arrival.

She has also been working to organize the basement. She also mentioned the need for a second cleaning of the Library, which will likely happen at the beginning of August. Generally, she stated that the building is in good shape but asked that she be informed if anything needs attention.

President’s Report:  Joan Patton reminded everyone of two big events that are coming up, the Photography Show, chaired by Jen MacLear and Mellen Vogt, and the Boutique, chaired by Lisa Jankowski, Stephanie Kelly, and Regina Livingston. Volunteers are needed for both events!

Joan made a specific plea for volunteers to help with accounting at the Boutique, and Leslie Hecker generously volunteered to fill this vacancy for Saturday. Lauren Corrinet and Meredith Flynn had already volunteered to help on Friday.

First Vice-President Report:  Ardi Schneider was happy to introduce our five new members and invited each to stand and say something about herself.

  • Mary Dillow

  • Marianne Lynner

  • Darcy Weber

  • Christi Wood

  • Emily Zanios

Ardi reminded the Membership that candidates may be proposed at any time during the season and that this can be done through the website. Password reminder: Summer

Joan announced that the Nominating Committee, made up of Joan Beth Brown, Beth Bean and Lydia Cottrell, are working on the slate for next year and will update us at the August meeting.

Joan reminded everyone that the WHMLIS website has been enhanced and that information regarding meetings, calendar, events, etc may be found there. Again, the password is Summer. Joan also noted that she will provide hard copies for any members who would prefer them.

Joan informed the Membership that the WHMLIS is considering hosting a Garden Tour again next year. She welcomes thoughts and ideas on this.

Committee Reports-

Children’s Programs:  Lauren Corrinet reported that this year’s 4th of July Parade was an enormous success last Sunday. Balloons were added this year. The Committee did receive a suggestion that it might be better to have held the parade on Independence Day.

Co-chair Meredith Flynn noted that, for clarity, sign-up for the various children’s programs has been broken down into two pieces: volunteers and participants. The sign-ups are available online on the WHMLIS website. There will also be advertisements/promotions around town. Lauren thanked Ardi for the craft program yesterday, which was extremely successful.

Photography Show:  Mellen Vogt reported that sign-up sheets for volunteers for this year’s Photography Show are available on the WHMLIS website.

The Opening Reception will be held on Sunday, July 30th @ 5:30PM in the Undercroft of the WH Chapel. The show will run through the following Sunday, August 6th.

She also added that this year, in addition to all of the beautifully framed photographs on display, bins of unframed work will be offered.

Boutique:  Stephanie Kelly announced that she was circulating sign-up sheets for volunteers for this year’s Boutique, which will be held on Friday and Saturday, August 4th and 5th. Stephanie expressed her gratitude to Leslie Hecker for volunteering to help with the accounting on Saturday and to Lauren Corrinet and Meredith Flynn for helping on Friday. Stephanie noted that boys are needed as volunteers for set-up and heavy lifting.

Joan underscored the importance of the Boutique, not only as a community event, but also as the WHMLIS’s largest annual fundraiser. She encouraged members to get involved in volunteering, shopping, and getting the word out!

Beautification:  Joan Lemp graciously thanked the tireless volunteers of her committee and circulated a sign-up sheet for additional volunteers.  She reminded members that work is seasonal and volunteer times/days are flexible.

She reviewed the many areas in Watch Hill that the Committee services.

She read the names of her entire Committee and thanked every member of her continued dedication.

Park Restoration:  Joan Beth Brown reported that work is continuing at the south end of the park to restore the area near The Dreamer. The plaque near the flagpole is being replaced.

Merry Go Round:  Christie Daukas has stepped down. Joan requested that the members consider taking on this position or pass the word about the vacancy.

Lighthouse Keepers:  Chantal Curtis thanked the July volunteers at the Lighthouse and requested some additional volunteers for August. She circulated a sign-up sheet.

East Beach Association:  No report was given.

Joan Beth mentioned that the annual EBA party will be held on Saturday, July 22nd at 5:30PM on East Beach.

Watch Hill Chapel Society: Edith Eglin reported that the Chapel Society has a new website and encouraged members to consult it for various information and events.

The Society is also now sending an email blast every two weeks to its members.

She also noted the following upcoming events:

  • Hymn Sing -Sunday, July 23rd.

  • Bible Study- August 15, 22, and 29th at Liz and Dick Sayre’s home @ 10AM.

Memoir Project:  No report was given.

Joan did mention that anyone interested in the July or August sessions should contact Jeanne Blasberg or Katie Porter for more information.

Adjournment:  11:10AM

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Whittemore
Recording Secretary