~ May 2019 Letter from the President ~

WELCOME to the 2019 summer of the WHMLIS! Our first membership meeting will be on Saturday, June 15 at 10:00 am. Please read the attachments to this highlights-of-the-summer letter. They are: the Summer Calendar, Officers and Committee Chairs List, Minutes of the September 1, 2018 Meeting and the Sea Level Rise Bulletin from the Watch Hill Conservancy. I am looking forward to a productive summer season in our vibrant village. Right now it doesn’t look that vibrant as the curbs and road are still being finished up- but how nice not to see telephone poles and wires!

The first event of the summer is the 4th of July Bike Parade. This year it will be held on Thursday, July 4th at 11:00, with the decorating to start at 10:30. We’ll have a morning parade this year, so that the younger ones can have their naps. The Children’s Calendar has 7 events including the popular Chemistry Party.


Our hardworking Landscape Enhancement Committee will be sending out their schedule soon to spruce up the village. They have, in fact, already started on the library. You might have noticed how nice the dogwoods (one of last year’s projects) look behind the Woodruff Memorial Bench on the corner of Ninigret Avenue and Watch Hill Road.

The Opening Reception for the Photo Show will be on Friday, July 26th from 5:30 to 7:30 this summer (notice this is a change from the Sunday receptions of the last 2 years). The committee has already sent out application forms. The show continues through the following Saturday for a week. Look for lots of spectacular local scenes!

Our great Fund Raiser, the Summer Boutique, will be held on Friday and Saturday, August 2nd and 3rd. We did get a wash of rain on one of the days last summer but all were smiles as supporters exited the big white tent with shopping bags full. We hope for sunny days this year!

When you open the Storm Water Surge attachment, you will see the results of the 3 forums that the WH Conservancy held this winter. The results of their findings put 3 feet of water on Bay Street in 2050. This was one of the factors influencing the “on hold” status of the resurfacing of the Merry-Go-Round project. This summer we will concentrate on more information gathering and a modified beautification plan for our main attraction! You can learn more from the Conservancy website: http://www.thewatchhillconservancy.org/


Programs this summer: Rhode Island’s Unique Shoreline, presented by Mark Bullinger, Saturday, August 17th at 4:00, One Bay Street. Also this summer, date to be decided, will be a Preview of the Video Oral History Program. Ten captivating and entertaining interviews have been completed. We will all learn a little more about the covert history of the village. I wonder which resident of Watch Hill helped teach Einstein how to sail?

Last but not least, our Memorial Library and our website. Last year the library had over 200 customers taking out books. Let’s try to use our library more. Parking is easier with the blue cards for your dashboard, and new books are brought in by the Westerly Library every season. Our library is not, however, where you can drop off used books.

We have added to our website, www.whmlis.org, over the winter. Under the Members section (next to last on the top in blue, password Summer) you will find answers to most questions. Paying dues is right next to Members (dues are due August 1st). After sending postcards to those members in arrears, I was able to go through our membership list and update it – we now have 305 members.

We are still updating the website in the next two weeks but you will be able to find under Volunteer: committee descriptions and responsibilities. How to Propose a New Member is next. Under Administration there are many subjects: Bylaws, Original Charter & Amendments, Meeting Minutes, Officers & Committee Chairs, Publicity Sources and the Certificate of Tax Exemption.

Looking forward to seeing everyone. Thanks so much for your smiles, your support and your commitment to Watch Hill!

Ardi, President WHMLIS