WHMLIS Membership Meeting
August 9, 2018 10:00 AM

In Attendance: Ardi Schneider, Moya Saunders, Julia Landstreet, Kathleen Kocatas, , Pam Heller, Jan Ogden, Joan Patton, Judy O’Connell, Liz Sayre, Mary Jane LeFebvre, Ardis Holliday,  Emily Zanios,  Carolyn Westerfield, , Cordalie Benoit, Penny Kelly, Sheila Rockwell, Elizabeth Ellis, Darcy Weber, Ann Snowden Johnson, Heidi McWilliams, Warren Miller, Leslie Tomenson, Martie Walker, Audrey Moore, Susan O’Neal, Caroline Burke, Regina Burke, Missy Gagarin, Lauren Gagarin, Buff Penrose, Carmina Roth, Joan Lemp, Mary Dillow, McDowell Winn, Noreen Sweeney, Deborah Nelson, Deborah Royce, Laura Pace, Marny Homan, Louise Dye, Carole H Johnson, Dabney Pierce, Joan Beth Brown, Helen Hetherington, Stephanie Kelly, Olga Goff, Marianne Lynner, Cynthia Sculco

Call to order: President Schneider 10:07 AM

Approval of Minutes as emailed: Some members feared they had not received email containing the minutes, Susan O’Neal will re-send. Motion Stephanie Kelly, second Moya Saunders, approved as distributed.

Treasurers report was submitted and read by Treasurer Judy O’Connell.

Overview: $310,000 in account.

Event income: $25,000 Boutique, $15,000 Garden Tour, $2,500 Art Show

Dues: $11,900 ($3,900 had been in arrears)

Donations: $12,670                                               

First VP, Membership:   Kathleen Kocatas

·      No new members to present at this meeting

·      List membership & email addresses on website

Second VP, House: Beth Bean

  • Work on building completed for 2018 season.

  • Please email Beth Bean with any issues

Announcements & Sign-Up Sheets:

  • Children’s programs: Marny Homan.

    • The summer programs have all been well received and well attended.

    • Thanks to the many volunteers who made them possible

    • Looking forward to the Tea Party and Cooking event.

    • Susan O’Neal, will send a Sign-up Genius for food donations, or volunteer assistance.

  • Garden Tour: Heidi McWilliams. Thanks to all the event was a terrific success.

  • Attendance: Carolyn Westerfield introduced Cordalie Benoit, a guest who lives in Westerly and is an avid gardener.

  • Art Show: Laura Parker.

    • Thanks to all for their many contributions. The show was beautiful and all the volunteers were deeply appreciated.

    • There will be a planning meeting in September for the 2019 Photography Show 

  • Boutique: Donna Simmons

    • Thanks to all for their assistance

    • If only Brad Ray had sold the same big piece of jewelry as last year the event would not have made $6,000 less this year

    • There may be a pending sale of $25K and he has promised a gift of 15% to the WHMLIS if the sale goes through

    • Simmons looks forward to cultivating new leadership for this event

  • Beautification: Joan Lemp

    • Greenbridge Lawncare: $1,375. To cover 4 months of maintenance at Library plus plant material for planters and bed around sign.

    • Kudos to Susan Harkins and her supporting role with Beautification.

    • Thanks to the Latner Foundation for the maintenance of the Gazebo.

    • Thanks to Kathy Moore for planters

    • Incredible team of volunteers maintaining the various median strips.

    • Shore Road/Watch Hill Road, outside of our WHMLIS service area

    • Thanked organization for healthy budget

    • Memorial Bench:

      • Removed bushes

      • Repointing bench

      • Developing plant list

      • Elizabeth Ellis shared comments on James Gordon Woodruff, for whom the bench was installed

        • He was the first person from the area to be killed in combat

        • Erected in 1946 by his parents in front of their home to serve the bus stop

        • In the 1960’s the house was purchased by the Putney Westerfield Family, who deeded the strip of land including the bench back to the Woodruff Family

        • 1962 Strip & bench were deeded to the Watch Hill Fire District

·      Video Oral History: Olga Goff, Time line extended through end of calendar year versus summer season due to projects success and the quality of interviews.  

Associate Organizations:

Conservancy & Lighthouse Keepers: Ann Johnson

·      Monday evening lectures & children’s programs have been well received

·      Gala was a terrific success   

Library: Ardis Holliday

  • Will share use totals at September meeting

East Beach:

  • Annual event was well attended.

  • Have begun recycling waste from beach as possible

Memoir Project:

  • Information available on WMLIS website

Chapel: Beth Bean

  • Very busy, Children’s programs, art show, literacy outreach

  • Largest indoor seating capacity venue in the area

  • If you want to know more, come to church!

Lighthouse Museum: no report 

Old Business:

  • Hurricane Program to be held, Saturday, August 25 at 1 Bay Street

  • Park restoration:

    • Rosa Rugosa were removed and replaced with hydrangea which proved unsuccessful choice for that soil, location etc. Stay tuned.

New Business: none

Meeting adjourned 11:15 AM

Footnote: President Schneider was experiencing a bad health episode during the meeting which resulted in a “passing of the gavel” between her and First VP Kocatas. As result not all aspects of the original agenda were addressed. The vote on the Nominating Slate will be taken up at the September general meeting. Luckily the episode proved fleeting in nature and President Schneider made a full and quick recovery.

Respectfully submitted:
Julia Fry Landstreet, Recording Secretary
August 28, 2018