Watch Hill Memorial Library and Improvement Society
Annual Meeting Minutes
August 11, 2016

Attending:  Beth Bean, Jeanne Blasberg, Eliza Brown, Joan Beth Brown, Maria Canale, Patricia Chadwick, Janet Connor, Sarah Cooper, Christie Daukas, Sudie Dush, Olga Goff, Janet Halvorson, Susan Harkins, Susan Helie, Liz Fagan Herman, Lisa Jankowski, Ann Snowden Johnson, Stephanie Kelly, Diana Kline, Joan Lemp, Beaumont Lett, Margah Lips, Regina Livingston, Lisa McCormick Mannix, Heidi McWilliams, Warren Miller, Audrey Moore, Judy O’Connell, Joan Patton, Dabney Pierce, Sheila Rockwell, Carmina Roth, Vicky Saglio, Moya Saunders, Ardi Schneider, Ann Stevenson, Mellen Vogt, Carolyn Westerfield, Barbara Whittaker, Kathy Whittemore, Adina Young

Call to Order: President Joan Patton called the Annual Meeting to order at 10:03AM.

Secretary’s Report: Kathy Whittemore

Kathy requested that reading of the Minutes from the July 7, 2016 meeting be waived. A motion was made to approve the Minutes. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.  An attendance sheet was circulated and members were asked to sign in.

First Vice-President’s Report: Ardi Schneider

Ardi announced that an additional new member, Charlotte Brittan, was voted in this morning. 

Treasurer’s Report: Judy O’Connell

Judy submitted her written report with the following balances noted:

General Account                    $202,000 (not inclusive of Art Show and Boutique)

Carousel Fund                       $86,560

Park Fund                              $96,380

Membership Dues                            $10,920 has been collected

Outstanding Dues 2016                   $9300 (2016)

Outstanding Dues (historical)         $9100

Donations (unrestricted)                 $6500

                    (Memoir Project)          $4000

                     (Amy’s Torch)              $200

Judy announced that the preliminary income from this year’s Summer Boutique and Art Show is $28,000 and $3750, respectively, but noted that not all expenses have been submitted yet.

Joan thanked the Membership for all of their support of and involvement in these events.

President’s Report: Joan Patton

Joan reviewed the ByLaw changes regarding electronic distribution of material, which were sent to the Membership previously.  A motion was made to approve these changes. This was seconded and approved unanimously.

Joan thanked Helen Heatherington, Tania Clark, Jean Kopp, Doreen Sanderson, Ann Stevenson, Susan Gummeson, Margah Lips, Joanne Sloneker, Susan Harkins who made up the committee that processed and mailed 400 letters to the Membership regarding the By-Law changes (cost $500).

Joan reminded everyone that there is still merchandise for sale from the Chief Ninigret Celebration.  Please contact Joan Beth Brown, who will happily assist anyone who desires these items.

Summer Boutique Committee Report: Regina Livingston

Regina thanked Stephanie Kelly and the rest of the committee for their help with this year’s boutique. She also thanked the many volunteers that helped to make the event such a success. She reported a projected profit of just under $28,000.  She announced that, Regina Livingston, Stephanie Kelly and Lisa Jankowski will Co-Chair the event next summer, with the possibility of adding a third co-chair as well as a larger committee.

Nominating Committee - Beth Bean

Beth reported that Susan Burke-O’Neal and Moya Saunders will replace Susan Harkins and Julie Miller in 2017.

Joan Patton also recognized Joan Beth, who remained on the Board this year and has been indispensable.

House Committee Report - Kathleen Kocatas

Kathleen was not present, but Joan reported that new signage will be installed at the building, along with a new American flag. She requested that anyone with suggestions email Kathleen.

Children’s Program Committee - Eliza Brown

Eliza circulated photos of some of the programs that have been offered this year, and noted that each has been a great success. She thanked Ardi for offering her time and expertise with a watercolor program, Carolyn Johnson for her cooking class, Cathy Moore for the container garden class, and Sheila Rockwell for welcoming Dave with his animals.

Eliza announced that the annual Tea Party will be tomorrow, and she thanked Charlotte McGregor and Carmina Roth for helping with that.

Finally, Eliza mentioned the need for help with public relations for the Children’s Program. She suggested a dedicated person for this role next year. 

Joan added a thank-you to all of the Storytime volunteers who read to the children this summer.

Mrs. Westerfield commented about the uneven sidewalks and bushes extending into the road making it difficult to walk to and park around WH. Joan suggested mentioning it to FD and she would, too.

Joan mentioned that more volunteers will be needed to assist Lauren Corrinet and Susan DeMovick with the 4th of July Parade next summer and asked members to consider signing up to help.

Art Show Committee - Mellen Vogt

Mellen thanked all of the members who volunteered to help make the Art Show a success this year. She suggested that anyone interested in co-chairing in the future should get involved next year for the Photography Show and transition into the job.

She also mentioned the idea of adding bins of unframed artwork/photos which might be offered “cash&carry”. Suggestions from members are always welcome!

Joan thanked Mellen and Jen for their work.

Merry-Go-Round Committee - Christie Daukas

Christie mentioned that there is 24-hour surveillance of the Merry-Go-Round.

To date there have been:26,798  riders on outside horses, 2,764  riders on inside horses

Library Committee - Linda Brenner

Linda was not present but Joan reported that new books and DVDs will be added next year for the “tween” age group. She also noted that the Library has been very well-used this summer.

Memoir Project Committee – Jeanne Blasberg

Jeanne reviewed the Project. She announced that the first session is now complete. The second session will begin the week of August 16th, and there are a couple of spaces remaining. She noted that this year’s class is complimentary. She also mentioned that they are accepting submissions from writers who cannot participate in the class. All ages are welcome and encouraged.

Olga attested to the wonderful nature of the class and teacher.

Beautification Committee - Joan Lemp

Joan thanked the 15 volunteers on her committee who work faithfully and tirelessly. She also mentioned that they are always looking for new members to join them.

Joan recognized Cathy Moore, Susan Harkins, Susie O’Connor, and Liz Sayre, who have helped with the planters in the Village and the Police Booth area.

Regarding the Memorial Building, the planters and gardens are attended to on a regular basis. Some plants have been removed from planters and replaced with others to get us through to the fall.

Joan also thanked Diana Kline, Ann Stephenson, and Judy Prosser for their input. She noted that Ann Stephenson, Ann Flynn and Judy O’Connell have financed island on Ninigret and Kidds Way. Ridge Road island has been weeded and pruned and the “mow and go” cost submitted.

Finally, Joan noted that the curbings have rampant and unsightly weeds growing, and that Ardi Schneider has great organic spray that we can all use (she will share the recipe) to maintain the walks near our individual properties.

Mrs Westerfield mentioned sidewalks that are broken/crumbling. Joan suggested that Members who are concerned with this write to the Moderator of the Fire District and to the Town of Westerly regarding this problem, as it is not something we can fix on our own.

Lighthouse Keepers Liaison - Ann Johnson

Ann displayed the beautiful new merchandise that the Lighthouse Keepers are selling. Marge Schilling designed the logo, and the merchandise is being sold at Lighthouse.

East Beach Association Liaison - Lore Musser

Lore was not present, but Joan mentioned the very successful EBA partythat was held on July 22nd.

Joan Lemp added a reminder that the EBA annual meeting will be held this Sunday at 4:00PM at the WH Chapel. All should try to attend.

Watch Hill Conservancy Liaison - Ann Stephenson     No report. 

Watch Hill Chapel Liaison - Beth Bean

Beth reminded the Membership of several upcoming events at the Chapel:

Hymn Sing- August 21st at 5:00PM

Harpsichord Concert- August 27th at 6:30PM

More information can be found on the website.

Old Business /New Business- 

Joan announced the formation of the Park Restoration Committee. Joan Beth and Suzie O’Connor will chair this effort.

Joan Beth reviewed the purpose of the Committee, and noted that they will be turning their focus to restoring The Dreamer, which was commissioned by the WHMLIS in the 1930’s.

Janet O’Conner asked about garbage pickup in Village, noting that this is a problem.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:39AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Whittemore
Recording Secretary