The Lighthouse Museum

The Lighthouse Museum is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.  This summer,  the opening date is Tuesday, July 4 and closing Thursday, Sept. 7.

Chantal will work that opening day and be there to answer any questions that new volunteers.  It's a wonderful spot to spend a few hours and to meet and greet visitors to the area.

We encourage people to sign our guest book and many are very generous and leave small donations. We also sell Lighthouse passports, caps and key fobs.   

No prior history of the Lighthouse is necessary...all information is available on the docent desk.  There is a petty cash box and this year we will have a receipt book.

The guard (at the top of Lighthouse Road) will let volunteers in and close up when they leave.  Chantal recomments bringing a cell phone (in case there are any questions to text or call her).  

Chantal Curtis - 203-249-1267 - chantalacurtis@gmail.com




Donations for boutique expenses


Children's Programs

From Marny Holman, marny.homan@gmail.com

‪Location: WH Library‬


Cooking at the Undercroft with Sydney McGill‬

‪3 volunteers‬

‪Tuesday, August 8‪‬

‪Location: Chapel Undercroft (booked location with Beth/Irene)‬

‪Time: 2-3:30 (ages 5+)/3:30-4:30 (ages 3-5)‬


Tea Party‬

‪6 volunteers for day of tea party (does this seem adequate with what has been requested in years past?), will need additional volunteers to help with preparation of decor/food/drinks etc ‬

‪Monday, August 14‪ ‬

‪Location: Chapel undercroft (air conditioned area where art show usually is located - booked location with Beth/Irene)‬

‪Time: 4-5pm

‪Ages: 3-6‬


Mystic Aquarium Day‬

‪1 volunteer‬

‪Wednesday, August 23‪‬

‪Location: WH Library‬

‪Themes: Beach Animals for Toddlers (2-5yr)  3:45-4:30 / Suitcase of Surprises (5+years) (4:45-5:30)



Joan Lemp, Chair

This committee works on the island properties like the triangle at Ridge Road, the park and around the library building.  Joan usually meets with the committee on Saturday mornings.  Email her if you are interested in being on her list. jalemp@lempdc.com